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Due to covid, Spring 2021 trips are cancelled or postponed. We are now booking for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.

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Ancient Civilizations
Mexico - Semana Santa
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Mexico RV Caravan tour of San Carlos Aquarium
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Laguna del Tule Rv Park ,Melaque, Mexico
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Why take a Mexico RV Caravan?

1) Unless you are a Golf or Pickleball addict you may have noticed Arizona can become rather boring. Consider expanding your horizons with a Mexico RV Caravan. Warm weather, beaches, ancient ruins, Colonial Cities - Mexico has it all.

2) Safety in numbers. I am betting when I say that you are thinking cartels. Actually, they are not a concern. Physical hazards, etc. are the main concerns.

3) You will learn to handle the "sometimes-daunting" paperwork involved.

4) You do not have to worry about reservations and dealing in another language

5) Mexico does not have large RV parking lots at attractions. An RV Caravan will deal with all of that.

6) You will see the “Real Mexico”, not the tourist version.

7) You may find that perfect spot to return to on your own, in future

8) Our Wagon Masters know the roads, routes and parks that can accommodate your RV, especially larger rigs.

9) You will learn about how to prepare your rig for Mexico.

10) You will no doubt make some new lifelong friends

Why choose Caravanas de Mexico  for your Mexican RV Caravan?

1) Are we the cheapest? No, but we are competitive. Since we are based in Mexico we do not pay Gringo prices. This enables us to devote more resources to a quality experience.

2) We are the only Mexico RV Caravan company, fully registered and licensed to operate inside Mexico. This provides us access to resources our competitors do not have. Green Angel (like AAA) escorts, access to government tourism officials, and even the police in some areas. We pay taxes in Mexico and our company principles live full time in Mexico.

3) We use fully certified bilingual tour guides, some are Phd’s. We do not rely on our wagon masters to do our local tours. We are the largest operator in Mexico and cover the entire country from Baja to the Guatemalan border.

4) We have the highest repeat customer ratio in the industry. In the 2021/2022 season we have 8 repeat customers for example. Some of our customers end up becoming Wagon Masters for us.

5) We are the first choice by RV clubs to run Mexican RV Caravans for them.

6) Your safety is our primary concern. We are one of the few companies that put customer safety first, and suspended caravans during Covid.

7) We have provided contractor services to our competitors in the past

8) We operate Caravans in both English and French.

9) We provide quality hot sit down meals with our local tours except in cases where it is in a very remote location.

10) We will take you to places on some trips you will never get to on your own, or even know about.

11) We operate in both US and Canadian dollars, saving Canadians especially, exchange rate hits.

Common questions about Rving in Mexico

We always get asked some common questions concerning taking an RV into Mexico and RV Tourism in Mexico in general, so let's get a few of them out of the way up front.

1) Is it safe to drive your RV in Mexico? Answer: Yes. We have been taking RV's all over Mexico for a decade with no safety issues.

2) Are there RV Parks in Mexico? Answer: Yes, plenty of them. Not all up to American standards but quite usable.

3) Are roads in Mexico good for RV's? Answer: Yes & No. Mexico has modern freeways and not so modern backroads. One big advantage of a Mexican RV Caravan tour is that we know where it is OK & where it is not. Especially for larger RV's

We have a far more detailed section on this site where we try and answer all your questions concerning RVing in Mexico. See the "Details" tab

How we operate

We attempt to keep travel days as short as possible, but you do have to expect some longer days. We do not want to boondock in gas stations unless it becomes necessary. We want to make sure you are in a campground or RV Park at each stop. We will use the best one available at each location, but keep in mind that they will not all be up to US or Canadian standards. We do local tours at most of our stops, some are just beach stops, others include activities and local attractions. Remember this is Mexico, think of it as an adventure and you will have a great unique RV Caravan experience.

Our customer orientation representative has written many magazine articles on Mexico. Here are a couple of samples:

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