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Gabriel Romero/Vagabundos

Gabriel Romero Chagoya


Gabriel is the owner of Caravanas de Mexico. He is a licensed tour guide and speaks several languages fluently (English, Spanish, French & Italian). Gabriel has worked for several Caravan companies based in several countries over the years. He has been university educated in Archaeology , Anthropology & Tourism and has also been an adult education teacher. Gabriel personally leads many of our tours, both ones associated with caravans and also stand alone bus tours of Copper Canyon and Colonial city routes.

Gabriel has been providing services for RVers and other RV Caravan companies (mainly Quebec based) for many years and is well known and respected in the industry. Gabriel has written articles on RVing in Mexico for Canadian Magazines. He lives in Xochicalco, Morelos part of the time, but spends most of the season on the road, guiding tours and dropping in on caravans.

Reach him at email, or through the contact form on this site..

Vagabundos del Mar is a non-profit RV & Boat club based in Rio Vista, California. They have been around since 1966, concentrating mainly on Baja California. Vagabundos & Caravanas de Mexico have now partnered up to run RV caravans through Mainland Mexico. Caravanas provides all the tours, logistics, and arranges the RV park stops for these Vagabundo del Mar Caravans. All participants have to join Vagabundos, but we pay the membership fee.





Our Volunteer Liaison

Paul Beddows


Paul assists our company by helping our customers get the paperwork involved in order and answering questions. He is not an employee of Caravanas de Mexico and has no official connection with the company, its finances, or its trips, nor does he ask for, or receive any compensation. This means he is very objective, (sometimes too objective), but you can count of getting the straight goods from him. He is a member of Vagabundos del Mar and a couple of other RV Clubs. Paul has been a close personal friend of Gabriel, the owner, for years and volunteers a lot of his time to assist in marketing (a hobby of his), and orienting customers as to what they need to know. He loves introducing others to the Adventure of RVing in Mexico, and in doing so assists several friends who run RV parks there. Paul lives in Abbotsford, BC, Canada in summer & Jalisco, Mexico in winter and is retired from Telus, a major Telecom. Paul attended Simon Fraser University where he co-founded CJSF-FM, and was its Program Director in the 1970’s. After retiring, he co-founded NATCOA, the North American Truck Camper Owners Association, a non-profit club & manufacturers organization. Paul has written several magazine articles on RVing in Mexico for publications like RV Life, RV Times & RV Snowbirds and is a well nown expert on RVing in Mexico, its joys & tribulations.

Paul has helped organize RV shows and also presents seminars on RVing in Mexico. Paul is a world traveler and has traveled to over 60 countries and done foreign aid work for Habitat for Humanity. Paul can be reached at 604-852-1342 or via the contact form on this site.




Caravanas de Mexico


Caravanas de Mexico is a registered Mexican tour company, catering to Americans & Canadians in both English & French, and to Mexicans in Spanish. We have been providing support service for other caravan companies for about 25 years. We also run bus tours and provide guide services for other companies and that is still our main business, but it melds well with RV Caravans. We have been running our own caravans now for 5 years in English, and for 2 years in both English & French. We specialize in Mexico, and only Mexico. Certification document

Five years ago Gabriel, the owner, met Paul Beddows and asked if he would assist him in starting caravans of his own in Mexico, in addition to providing services to competitors. Paul resisted at first, but at the time the RV Parks in Mexico were starting to find themselves in trouble, mainly due the US recession & downturn in the RV industry. Paul saw this as an opportunity to assist a few friends who owned parks and were suffering from lack of business, plus give him something to do in retirement that he could get passionate about. Not entirely altruistic, as he needs healthy parks to camp in himself. It has been a tough slog, but the RV tourism industry in Mexico has turned a positive corner over the last year, and interest in caravans is noticeably higher. As with nearly all new endeavors, for the last 5 years, the company has been running caravans as pretty much break even, often subsidized by other tour endeavors. The 2017/2018 season has seen caravans finally become self sustaining, and niche caravans for clubs and specific customer demographics appear to be the biggest growth area. Our success is largely due to positive customer feedback, and we now have had many repeat customers. The resurgence of the RV Industry in Canada & the US has also helped. Gabriel's main business, is still providing tour guide services, and Gabriel is recognized as one of the best in the country.


Tour Guides

We maintain an extensive network of bilingual tour guides, many of which have worked for us for many years. The often travel with the caravan for segments of the trip.