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This is only an expression of interest for an Airstream Mexican Caravan.


This caravan will happen sometime in January 2019. I believe preference is being given to the BC Airsteam club who is organizing this, but we can probably add others as well if it does not fill. We are trying to guage what you want. Our overall plan is to cross at Nogales, Arizona and travel down the west coast as far as Mazatlan, then transit the spectacular new Mazatlan-Durango toll highway and visit the Colonial Cites of Durango, Zacatecas, Guanajuato, Guadalajara, Mexico City & Patzcuaro among others. We will then travel up the Pacific Coast. The ideal length of this trip is around 60 days. Costs will be around $115 a day US or $145 Canadian per couple/rig. That will include all RV parks, at least 27 meals and about 17 full day tours (60 day trip).

Numbers on this caravan will likely be restricted to 12 rigs. It depends on the wagon master, but no more than 15 max, regardless. If we have more than that we will start a wait list. You will be prioritized in the order that this form is filled out. Once we have 12, we will ask for a $500 deposit.

We could run more than one trip, if we have wagon masters available.