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We expect many of our customers to create Blogs of their travels with us and with their permission we will link them here, so you may follow them along, or see what they experienced.


Kevin & Ruth the wagon masters on our Yucatan trip (Jan 7 to April 3rd) are keeping a blog. Here is the LINK


Wagonmaster Yucatan scouting trip - This is the blog kept during our 2017 scouting trip

2015/2016 Season

WagonMasters Blog Fall 2015 - This is the blog kept by the wagon master for the Fall 2015 trip

WagonMasters Blog Spring 2016 - This is the blog kept by the wagon master for the Spring 2016 trip

Travel with Kevin & Ruth - Kevin & Ruth are part time wagon masters for us and leading part of the Spring 2016 trip

Larry & Anne Buckmasters blog

2014/2015 Season

WagonMasters Blog Fall 2014 - This is the blog kept by the wagon master for the Fall 2014 trip

Notes on Spring 2015: This trip is now completed. It was the most challenging one we have ever faced. It was a perfect storm of circumstances. First being the weather. We had unprecedented bad weather and the caravan was delayed on 2 occasions due to road blockages. We also lost our regular Spring Wagon Master for this season due to a medical problem, and we had to use a less experienced Wagon Master at the last minute. With a new route, this was a challenge, but we came through. We certainly learned a few things we can apply to future caravans and we are planning some major tweaks. We expect next spring to be back to normal weather, and we expect our regular wagon master back.

Assistant WagonMasters Blog Spring 2015 - This is the blog kept by the tailgunner for the 2015 Spring trip

Neil & Pam - 2 customers Neil & Pam are keeping a blog of the Spring 2015 trip

Catherine & Larry's blog - 2 customers Cathy & Larry are keeping a blog of the Spring 2015 trip

2013/2014 Season

Russell & Stephens Blog - Russell & Stephen are traveling with us on our Spring 2014 trip along with their Poodle, Lulu. They just recently changed out their humungous Class A for an Earthroamer. Thye will not be doing the Copper Canyon segment but wil instead be traveling with our Canada / US Rep and one other participant to the volcanic lake of Santa Maria del Oro, instead (only OK for small rigs). Russell & Stephen run a Needlepoint business (see Rittenhousee Needlepoint)