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logo 2020 Copper Canyon/Colonial Cities


Price $11,000 Can or $8600 US for 65 days 5 nights hotel included (dog sitting arranged) Starts January 19, 2020

May be subject to a day or 2 variation to match any changes in the train schedules. (as far as Mazatlan, after that dates are fixed)

Note: You may return with our Yucatan loop (from Melaque on) and cross on April 1st. (9 extra days) Extra $500 Can ($350 US) per rig, no tours, RV Park is covered. You can decide with 3 weeks notice.

65 Days $10,500 Canadian or $8100 US Single discount $500 (2020)

Date Location Info

Jan 19

Nogales, Az

Meet in afternoon, cross border next morning

Day 1 Santa Ana Rancho Betania

Day 2,3, 4

San Carlos

Totonaka RV Park, Welcome Dinner tours next day

Day 5,6,7


Beach stay

Day 8,9 Alamos Tours Eve walk around with muscicians
Day 10,11

El Fuerte

Eve El Zorro Show

Day 12,13, 14, 15

Copper Canyon

All inclusive 4 day tour

Day 16

El Fuerte


Day 17,18 Los Mochis


Day 19,20 Celestino Beach stay

Day 21,22,23,24,25


Beach stay
Day 26,27 Durango Tour
Day 28, 29,30, Zacetecas


Day 31,33,34 Guanajuato Tours plus San Miguel de Allenede
Day 35,36,37,38 Cuitzeo Tours, Monarchs
Day 39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46 Mexico City Tours plus Taxco (Hotels, 2 nights)
Day 47,48,49 Patzcuaro Tours
Day 50,51,52 Villa Corona Tour (Tequila, Pyramids)
Day 53,54,55,56 Melaque Beach
Day 57,58,59,60 Lo de Marcos Beach, optional San Blas tour
Day 61 Mazatlan Beach
Day 62 Los Mochis Tour
Day 63 San Carlos Farewell Meal
Day 64 Santa Ana Rancho Betania
Day 65 Lukeville Border




1 2 3
Melaque Beach Mummy Museum, Guanajuato Cathedral, Morelia
4 5 6
Group Meal, Cuitzeo Mounting horses for Monarch butterfly Tour Patzcuaro
bal maza sc1
Maztalan - Durnago Highway Maztalan San Carlos
zaca cop1 cop2
Zacatecas Copper Canyon Copper Canyon
cop3 hau1 guana1
Copper Canyon Huatabampito Guanajuato
Zacatecas Teacapan View from Patzcuaro RV Park