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Danielle (68) is originally from the area around Los Angeles, California, and is currently living full time in her class B van....although she calls Reno, Nevada home.

She doesn't live alone though! Her canine partner Yankee, is never far from her side...



What prompted you to do this caravan?

I had previously visited Baja California in my van, but I wanted to see the mainland of Mexico, and I was concerned about safety traveling alone. That concern has been alleviated.

What are your impressions of the caravan?

This is my first caravan, and it exceeded my expectations. I have seen places that I would have never seen on my own.

What are your impressions of Mexico? 

I love Mexico, especially the people and the easy going, friendly lifestyle.

Have you felt safe travelling around Mexico?


What has been your favorite experience, or highlight of the trip?

The night walk with the wandering minstrels around Guanajuato.

Would you return to travel by yourself or with another caravan?

I will return by myself, and possibly with another caravan

Note: Danielle, who is also fluent in French has just signed up for our Nov 2016 Yucatan French speaking caravan (Our English Yucatan trip runs in Spring 2018)


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