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2017 / 2018 Season Tours

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Escape Winter, book now for the trip of a lifetime!! Caravanas de Mexico & Vagabundos del Mar can offer you better prices as we are not only the most experienced supplier of tours for Mexico, we are also a registered tour company licensed to operate anywhere in Mexico. (see Certification document). We know more about Mexico than any other operator. Caravanas de Mexico organizes tours and logistics for many other RV Caravan companies operating in Mexico, but we also run our own at lower average prices. We do not run a large variety of tours, as we concentrate on the route we know best. We live in Mexico, and we know Mexico. We target both Snowbirds and those who want longer trips and those who only have a few weeks to spare. For the 2017/2018 season we are offering 3-4 Yucatan / West Coast grand circle tours and a 30 day Copper Canyon/Mazatlan tour

Our Yucatan trips are proving very popular and you need to book early for these

I have had comments from customers on Caravans I have led, about how we can do these trips at these prices. That is despite the fact they felt they were expensive at first glance. When they experience the quality of the tours, they realize what a bargain they are. The answer is that we keep advertising expenses low, and we can get better prices than Gringo based companies and do not have to contract out for services. Often we will plan expensive portions like Copper Canyon, so they coincide with our bus tours, which further reduces overhead

On our Yucatan tours we also visit some more obscure Mayan ruins that hardly anyone else goes to, but are still impressive.

We also run 1 or 2 caravans a year for French speaking customers. See HERE

New: We offer substantial discounts to repeat customers. Click here



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Our Mexico RV Caravans

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We offer longer fully escorted RV Caravan Tours down to the Yucatan and the west coast. Our trips feature both city and beach camping plus an opportunity to explore Mexico’s spectacular Copper Canyon on some of our trips (all inclusive included). We usually try to include one of Mexico’s wonderful carnival celebrations.

Our RV Caravan Tours usually depart from either Nogales, Arizona or Laredo Texas. Depending on Wagon Master availability, there may be an option to exit at either Texas or Arizona for some of our tours. All Tours & RV park fees are included, along with many high class meals. Many of our customers end up returning on their own to a favorite spot they discovered on our caravans.

Our tours are led by Vagabundo Wagon Masters experienced in the route. Our tours are escorted by the Green Angels (like AAA) for all, or part of the route . Our Spring Caravan is designed for those who have more time on their hands and do not want a quick "up & down" trip. After all, if it is costing that much to get down there, you want some time to spend at the final destination, not just turn around & head home.

We encourage you to compare us with some similar RV Tour Companies on our "Compare Caravans" page. We are certain you will find our company is your best value for money, provided you have the time available. Be very wary if a company offers something like 40 events on a 30 day trip. Sounds good, but that means every stop on the bus is considered a tour. When we advertise X tours, we mean X full days with multiple stops and proper full quality meals. We offer longer RV Caravan Tours than most companies. 30 to 90 days in length. We realize that our caravans are often too long for people who are not retired or have seasonal jobs, so we do run the shorter 30 day trips to Copper Canyon. We offer the best price on an RV Caravan Adventure. This is because we are licensed to legally do many of our own tours rather than having to contract them out. We also give great deals for repeat customers, See here.

We do have some very flexible options for those who wish to do partial trips or customized trips, etc. We will take people who have mobility problems but we have to know what they are and determine if they are able to do some or all of our tours. We will discount them for tours we feel they cannot do. It is also possible to do this trip without an RV, we will explain how.

We post blogs for our caravans so you can get a feel for what our trips are like. Read them HERE.



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Our Route / Prices

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Note: Our prices are per rig based on 2 people. There is a reduction for singles and a surcharge for 3 or more. It is is possible to go down in Fall and come back in Spring. See pricing.

Our Pricing policy:

We base our prices on the Canadian dollar but charge in either Canadian or US. This is due to the rapid rise of the US dollar against the Peso over the last 2 years. The value of the Canadian dollar against the Peso has been more stable. This meant that by basing our prices on US dollars we were gaining income at the expense of Americans, and risking losing our considerable Canadian customer base due to a weak Canadian dollar. Unfortunately a lot of our overhead is in US dollars, not Pesos. This includes such things as advertising and some RV Parks in Mexico that are charging in US. However, our expenses that were in Pesos were adding to our profit. While nice for us, it's bad business practice, and unfair to customers. Unlike most caravan companies who are charging in US Dollars, and even increasing their prices each season, we felt it hypocritical. How can we complain about Mexican RV parks pricing in US dollars when we are doing the same? We still quote American customers in US. We will adjust prices due to exchange rates, but you are guaranteed the lowest price offered after you pay the deposit. Canadians need to keep in mind that because you are purchasing direct from a registered Mexican company, there are no taxes, saving up to 12%, over booking a vacation with a travel agent. Our prices are usually about 30% less than our competition due to our much lower overhead costs. There is no tax for Americans either.



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We have been serving RVers in Mexico for over 20 years. Your extra costs include vehicle permits, fuel, auto insurance & road tolls. We also run stand alone bus tours in Mexico. See our new web site at We have a slide show available on line. You can view it HERE. We also have a FORUM. All participants are required to join Vagabundos del Mar RV Club, but we pay your membership.

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We include a 4 day Copper Canyon tour, including the first class train, first class hotels, meals, drinks, entertainment & tours on trips that go to Copper Canyon. This is a $1600 US per couple value that is included in our price. We also include the Monarch Butterfly Preserve (on horseback) on our spring Yucatan and colonial circuit trips. All RV Park fees are included, about 25 meals and 14-17 other full day tours, depending on length plus maybe some inexpensive optional's at times. Not sure about Caravans? Check out my Sept 2014 RV Times article: Caravans


Our customers safety is our first consideration. We utilize toll highways as much as possible. Your chance of having an accident is far reduced. Our tours are usually escorted by the Green Angels, the Mexican equivalent of AAA. They are excellent mechanics and are in radio contact with the police and Mexico city. They do not charge for labor, only parts. Certain tours with only a few rigs may not have Green Angel escorts, but they can be summoned in case of problems. You will be pre-notified if this is the case.