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January 22, 2018 Copper Canyon/Mazatlan 30 Days.

Note: This trip is close to full and we may open a second one leaving on Jan 16th if the current trip fills. That one will be 37 days and cost $400 US more. We will know by October.

Note: This trip is Ok for larger rigs

Note: The Durango segment involves some hefty tolls and fuel consumption which is why we are using a bus. You may also opt to remain on the beach in Teacapan or Mazatlan for those 3 days instead. If you opt to stay down til March and exit via Laredo, you will get this included with that group.

Date Location Info

Day 1

Nogales, Az

Meet in afternoon, cross border next morning

Day 2,3,4

San Carlos

Totonaka RV Park, Welcome Dinner tours next day

Day 4,5,6


Beach stay

Day 7, 8 Alamos Tours

Day 9

El Fuerte

Eve El Zorro Show

Day 10,11,12

Copper Canyon

All inclusive 4 day tour

Day 13,14

El Fuerte


Day 15,16,17,18,19,20 Mazatlan

Tours & Bus trip to Durango

Day 21,22,23,24,25,26 Teacapan Beach stay

Day 27


Beach stay
4-6 weeks Mazatlan and/or Teacapan Optional Stay, exit April 1st with another group at Nogales or Laredo.
Day 28 Los Mochis Dry camp
Day 29 San Carlos


Day 30 Border  

Note: Optional extra 5 week stay on the beach in Mazatlan (cross border around April 1st, no extra charge, just pay your RV park fees. It also opens up a Laredo exit option)

Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 Yucatan Caravans. (Copper Canyon 2019 - similar dates to above)


Fall 2017 Caravan 60-65 Days Note: You may travel down with this trip and return in Spring from Melaque or points north.

This trip is not suitable for really large rigs. Check with us first

Please email for approx itinerary, we are doing some modifications


Yucatan loop tours: There may be an optional Copper Canyon add on for the Spring trips. Price for both Spring trips will be the same, but the 2 day shorter one has an extra tour- San Miguel..


The tours on these trips are:

Zacetecas mine & city tour

Guanajuato City tour

Patzcuaro tour(spring only)

San Miguel Allende (spring 2 only)

Monarch butterflies (Spring trips only)

Mexico City & Teotihacan pyramids

El Tajin ruins

Veracruz city & fort (fort only in Fall)

Villaherrmoa Olmec heads

Campeche City otur

Merida City tour

Catemaco lake tour

Uxmal ruins tour

Chichen itza ruins tour

Xel ha & Xcaret tours plus more

Chetumal -Bacalar lagoon & picnic Boat tour and 2 ruin tours (Dziblanche & Kohulick)

Clakmul ruins tour

Palenque ruins & waterfalls tour

Canyon sumedero tour

San Cristobel tour

Oaxaca tours (3 days in spring, 2 in Fall)

Cuernavaca/Taxco tour (Spring only if we route that way)

Tequila & pyramids tour

San Blas tour

San Carlos/Guyamos tour Fall only or if you pick a Nogales exit in spring. If you pick a Durango exit in Spring, then you will get a Durango tour instead.


Note most tours include full sit down meals, about 4 or 5 are ad hoc (ie taco stands, etc)


We have to emphasize that Copper Canyon is high alttiude and customers on our Spring Caravans need to be prepared for some chilly temperatures, especially at night