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logo Latest updates (May 2017)

We are currently updating our sites for next season, you may find some contradictory info regarding prices, deposits etc. These will be straightened out as we encounter them. There may be some minor schedule changes until things are firmed up in the summer. No more than 1 or 2 days, however.

Paul, who interfaces with our US & Canadian customers and is also one of our wagon masters, will be in Europe from April 19th, 2017 to June 19th, 2017. He also answers the 1-855 number we have. Although he will attempt to return your calls, this may be difficult. He will however, receive an email of your messages. The best way to contact him during this period is via email, at . If you leave a phone message, please also spell out your email.

The price on the spring caravans gone up slightly to reflect an increase from 83 to 87 days. Those who paid a deposit when it was posted lower will have that earlier price honored. That also applies to those who shifted to 2019.

We are running 2 Yucatan trips in early January to late March, & and one in Mid October to mid December. As of April 1st, 2017, we have about 6 spaces available in January and about 5 in October. The October trip has a stay over until spring option. We are also running a 30 day Copper Canyon / Mazatlan trip on Jan 22nd, also with a stay-over option till end of March. The Yucatan loop is not suitable for really large rigs. You need to check with us if yours is OK. Our longer caravans are restricted to only 10-12 rigs to make them more enjoyable and allow for some improvising and ad-hoc extra tours to things like remote ruins, etc. We do not herd large groups like some companies, too stressful. We also run trips in French. Our trips are about 30% cheaper than the competition, since we are based in Mexico.

For those on our Copper Canyon trip on Jan 22, 2018, you may opt to stay down an extra 5 weeks and wait for the Yucatan gorup to come through. One of our wagon masters is looking into an add on to Guadalajara and then Melaque for about $300 per rig (Not including park fees)

All winter option: Travel down with our Fall trip and return in Spring. 3 months on the beach. We will set you up in a west coast RV park of your choice. Melaque, Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlan areas to wait for our Spring group to come north. Return end of March or end of Feb. (from Mazatlan only).