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This is only an expression of interest for an LGBT Mexican Caravan. First of all, Mexico is one of the more tolerant countries out there when it comes to alternative sexual preferences. Certainly more so than the United States.


This caravan will happen sometime in January 2019 and be led by experienced Wagon Masters from the community. We are trying to guage what you want. We know Puerto Vallarta is of interest to many. There is one major RV park there that is usually quite full with a French Canadian Caravan. If we cannot get room there, we will use an RV Park in Lo de Marcos, which is easily acccesible by a cheap local bus that takes 1 hour. Our overall plan is to cross at Nogales, Arizona and travel down the west coast as far as Mazatlan, then transit the spectacular new Maztlan-Durango toll highway and visit the Colonial Cites of Durango, Zacatecas, Guanajuato & Guadalajara. We can also fit in the Monarch Butterfly reserve and the wonderful city of Patzcuaro. In the Guadalajara area, we would stay at the Villa Corona hotsprings resort and do a tour of Tequila and some nearby pyramids. We would then head back to the coast at Puerto Vallarta, and then north. The ideal length of this trip is around 60 days. Costs will be around $115 a day US or $145 Canadian per couple/rig. That will include all RV parks, at least 27 meals and about 17 full day tours (60 day trip). We are also asking about Copper Canyon. This option is expensive as it involves an expensive train and 3 nights Hotel. It will add about $1200 US per rig. It is possible we could leave some people on the beach while others opted in for this.

This should be a gay time for all (Sorry could not resist the pun).

Caravanas de Mexico is an all inclusive company. We have had 2 sets of gay wagon masters and use them for both gay & straight caravans.

Numbers on this caravan will be restricted to 12 rigs. If we have more than that we will start a wait list. You will be prioritized in the order that this form is filled out. Once we have 12 we will ask for a $500 deposit.