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Masonic Tour to Copper Canyon

Note: Due to lack of signups this trip has been cancelled. We have room on our Feb 11th trip which is of the same length and we will give you the same price. See


1) This trip requires a Mexican vehicle permit on your RV or on your towing vehicles and RV's. (See Here for details)

2) We need a minimum of 5 rigs. If we have to cancel you may shift to our Feb 11th tour for the same price.

3) There are no HDT's allowed in Mexico. This trip is Ok for larger rigs.

4) There is currently no ULSD diesel in Mexico (Mid 2007+). You will not have an issue with this distance using LSD. See Here for more info

5) You will need Mexican vehicle insurance. Lewis & Lewis offers us a 10% discount.

6) If our Oct 2017 or Jan 2018 Yucatan Caravans interests you, click HERE.

7) All participants are required to join Vagabundos del Mar, we pay the $35 fee, you do not have to renew.

8) You can remain in the Mazatlan area and wait for another trip to come north o nMarch 29th.

9) You will require a power protector to protect your rig against low & high voltage (not just surge). We may also require you to have a CB radio (its up to John)


If you want to discuss anything, feel free to call paul at 1-855-327-7555 (press 1)