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Please note you must make payments on time to retain your spot. Our Yucatan caravans usually fill and have a wait list.


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You may make your initial deposit by PayPal/Credit Card or by personal check, or e-transfer in the case of Canadians. Americans can use Paypal/Credit Card or personal check. The options for the larger 50% payment (due May 1st / July 1st each season) & final payment options for the balance are Paypal/Credit card or bank draft.. Personal checks for the initial deposit ($750 US or $1000 Can) should be made out to "Paul Beddows" and may be either Canadian or US. No amounts larger than $750 US or $1000 Canadian, please mail any initial deposit checks:to.

Paul Beddows

38-34959 Old Clayburn Road

Abbotsford, BC

Canada V2S 6W7

We can accept only accept PayPal (Visa) for the major payment, or bank drafts. Customers pay sometimes pay some of the balance in cash at the border (ask us). Since we are based in Mexico, Mexican banking rules make it impossible to cash personal checks. Our US/ Can rep can handle smaller amounts, but larger amounts potentially bring on tax consequences. We pay our taxes in Mexico, not in the US or Canada.

Generally speaking we take a $1000 Canadian or $750 US deposit at signup The initial deposit is non-refundable, but may be transferred to another trip that season at our discretion The final payment is refundable on the basis of the formula below. We suggest you take out cancellation insurance, if that is an issue.

Cancellation of the trip by Caravanas de Mexico before departure, will result in a full refund.

Cancellation by the client for any reason, will receive a refund of monies according to these criteria:

Initial deposit non-refundable unless we cancel. May be be transferred to another trip same season at our discretion
Over 120 days before departure 100% refund, less any non refundable payments made
Between 90 - 120 days before departure 60% refund, less any non refundable payments made
Between 30 - 90 days before departure 25% refund, less any non refundable payments made
Less than 30 days before departure 10% refund, less any non refundable payments made

We allow 1 day grace or a couple more at our discretion, in every instance.

All monies paid can be transferred to the another trip the same season, without penalty at our discretion.

If we have a wait list for the trip you are booked on, we will put you in touch with the first person on that wait list. If you can privately to transfer the money they have paid to yourself, we are OK with that. Or it can find another couple to take your place that is OK as well.


If you are wondering why the difference in rules for American & Canadians, it has to do with getting money into Mexico and their banking rules.

Regardless can talk by phone with all customers before you pay a dime. Call 1-855-327-7555.


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