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This is not the page to sign up for the Airstream or LGBT caravans. Click AIRSTREAM or LGBT

NOTE: If you have previously filled out the form you may go direct to the deposit page HERE.

There will be 2 Yucatan trips 6 days apart on Jan 4th & Jan 10th. Exits April 2nd & 8th. Please indicate in comments your prefrence, the Jan 4th trip may be full, but you can wait list.

A Copper Canyon trip in November with stayover options to Spring is possible if we get a minimum of 6 rigs. If you indicate you are interested in this trip we will put you on the Jan 22nd trip for now if you wish.

Yucatan trips may not suitable for really large rigs, check with us if in doubt. I suggest 32 ft max for 5th wheels, 30 ft for trailers, 38-39 ft for Class A's.

Some caravans require deposits right now, others do not: Here is the list

Solar Eclipse April 2024: The Spring Yucatan or other long trips in 2024 will be timed to include this eclipse in Mazatlan, running a couple of weeks later than usual that year. We expect demand to be high so that is included in the form list. No deposit required right now.

Copper Canyon Jan 2019: Deposit required

Yucatan 2019: Deposit required.

Airstream & LGBT 2019: Deposit required

Yucatan, 4 month trip Dec 2019 - Mar 2020 (Non Yucatan): No deposit required right now

Yucatan 2020: No deposit required right now

21 day Copper Canyon Nov 2018: No deposit required right now.

Airstream 2020: No deposit required right now.


Vehicle Restrictions: You must hold title to any vehicle you bring into Mexico. In BC, Canada this is your registration. That may also be the case in some other jurisdictions. If a vehicle has a lien on it, you require permission from the lien holder to take the vehicle into Mexico. When you get insurance you will have to name the lien holder on the insurance forms. You first need to contact the financial institution and ask them if they will provide a letter upon proof of sufficient insurance. They will usually do this no problem. If you need to check on this, fill out the form anyway, make a notation in comments, and ignore the deposit page for the time being, we will hold your spot for a week, until you find out. Americans may want to look into changing their insurance to Progressive, who cover collision in Mexico (you still have to buy liability). The financial institutuion may feel more comfortable about that. One of our insurance providers has told me that in 35 years he as only seen one rejection letter from a lien holder. Also if it is a company vehicle (even your own company) you require a letter from the company (make sure it shows letterhead).

If you have residente permanente status in Mexico you cannot bring an RV into the country. If you have residente temporal status, you can.

NOT SURE? Just fill out the form, say that in the comments, and ignore the payment page you are redirected to..That will get you into our database and let us know that you are interested. We will also check with you prior to a trip filling up, so you have an opportunity to commit.. Just keep in mind that we do have to reserve RV spots for our trips a few months ahead. Paying a deposit will assure you of a spot and protect you against any price increases for the current season (or next).

After you fill out this form , you will be directed to a page to pay a deposit. (you may ignore it, if you are selecting a season past 2019) If you have any questions before committing, please phone Paul at 1-855-327-7555 or email him via our contact form. No deposits are usually required for trips beyond Spring 2019, the form is just an expression of interest for those (Select future trip in deposit field ifyou are not sure of which trip you want).

Book now to secure your space. Select the Season/Caravan that interests you. Please note that deposits are non refundable (Unless we cancel) but may be applied to another trip in the same season or the following one. See our terms page.


Note: If this form fails to work properly or you receive no acknowledgement, email us via our contact form