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These photos are from our most sucessful season so far, 2015/2016. They display for 10 seconds each.

We put this together because we find most of our first time customers have no idea what to expect. Their conception of Mexico is usually obtained from a week or 2 at an all inclusive resort in Pureto Vallarta or Cancun. The real Mexcio is far different and a heck of lot more interesting. See what customers on this trip had to say Here (interviews by Kevin & Ruth Read)

What sets us apart from every other Caravan company is that we are based in Mexico and we are showing you our country, we are not Americans showing you a foreign country. Believe me, it makes a huge difference. It is not unusual for the company owner, Gabriel, to show up on caravans and lead tours personally, especially in Fall. On the Jan 2016 trip we even had 2 bitch sessions with him and customers, where they told him what they liked, did not like and what they prefered in terms of length of stays. I know of no other tour company where this happens. You are very unlikely to see the owners of our competitors anywhere near the customers. We give our Wagon Masters a lot of leeway. For example, one of the slides depicts a Mezcal brewing operation way up in the hills. This was not a scheduled tour, it was something the wagon master put together using customers pickups as transport and costing nothing. We try to recruit passionate wagon masters from couples who have spent years exploring Mexico on their own and know about the "out of the way" interesting spots and encourage them to improvise. This does not happen with other caravan company tours. We want our customers to get some spontaeneous adventure and experience, not feel they are overly regimented. Safety is still our first priority, however.

Worried about safety? Here is the take on it by one of our wagon masters. Safety


Enjoy the SLIDE SHOW .I hope it helps you decide to give us a try. Photos by Kevin Read & Paul Beddows