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Terms: Updated Feb 1, 2017


Note: Please ensure you read the FAQ section to understand what the travel conditions of this trip will be.

Payment will consist of an initial $700 Canadian or $500 US. Non-refundable unless we cancel or change to unacceptable dates. The balance is payable 60 days or more days before departure See the payment link for more details

Participants are responsible for their own auto insurance (we will suggest), fuel, road tolls, and non included food & alcohol. Tours are included and the Copper Canyon trip is "all inclusive", meaning transport, food, entertainment & hotels. All RV park fees are included. In any campgrounds with metered power, participants are responsible for their own consumption.

Please note that should you decide to travel ahead or remain behind in any RV parks outside of the stated caravan itinerary, you are responsible for RV Park fees on those days, even if they are the same parks we have scheduled.

Those on trips of more than 30 days are required to have a CB radio

Important: Any participant found with firearms, ammo, explosives, other weaponry illegal in Mexico, or illicit drugs will be expelled immediately with no refund. No exceptions.  Any participant engaging in unacceptable or illegal behavior, or behavior that places the other participants at risk, may be warned and/or expelled by the Wagon Masters at their discretion without refund. One warning, in writing, will be provided by the Wagon Master in the case of expulsion. Unacceptable behavior may include continuous abusive language, or actions, towards other participants, or other behaviour disruptive to the group as a whole that spoils the enjoyment of everyone. Some examples could be intentional ignoring of the Wagon Masters driving & parking instructions, or excessive ongoing drunkuness and being impaired on driving days.



Cancellation by the client for any reason, e will receive a refund of monies accoridng toteh formula below:

Initial deposit (under $500 US or $700 CAN) is not refundable, but may be transferable

Over 120 days before departure 100% refund, less any deposit up to $500 plus a $100 US cancelation fee
Between 90-120 days before departure , 80% refund, less any deposit up to $500 US
Between 60-90 days beofre departure 60% refund, less any deposit up to $500 US
Between 40-60 days before dparture 40% refund, less any deposit up to $500 US
Between 20-40 days before deparure 20% refund, less any deposit up to $500  US
less than 20 days before departure 10% refund, less any deposit up to $500 US

We allow 1 day grace or a couple more at our discretion, in every instance.

All monies paid can be transfered to the following season, without penalty if you have to cancel

If we have a wait list for the trip you are booked on, we will put you in touch with the first person on that wait list. If you can privately to transfer the money they have paid to yourself, we are OK with that. Or it can find another couple to take your place that is Ok as well.

It is up to the client to purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance if they wish.

You have to be careful as many companies will require you to purchase coverage within 48 hours or 7 days, or some other limitation period of paying the  deposit. A check of a couple of websites (based on age 70 of both participants and $6000 coverage) indicates an average cost around $400 per couple. Drop the ages down to less than 65 and it is cheaper. I have some examples linked below .

Trip cancellation is often cheaper when purchased in conjunction with Travel Medical Insurance (try

If you have to leave the trip en-route for reasons beyond your control, we MAY refund any non pre-paid fees for items such as RV parks, hotels, etc. & some service fees at our discretion. However, this is what trip cancellation & interuption insurance is supposed to protect you against. You will not receive a refund for any deposits we have paid on your behalf. We may sell you our own trip cancellation & interuption insurance, you need to ask us about this if you are interested, but you may do better elsewhere..

Please note that in some cases we may be forced to alter the announced RV Park, due to circumstances beyond our control. This is rare and we will subsitute the best alternative we can locate.

If for any reason you decide to leave the caravan to travel and stay on your own and do not re-join the caravan again, NO FEES ARE REFUNDABLE .

Trip cancellation insurance web sites to check out


Canada: or (this one seems cheaper)

Cancellation of the trip by Caravanas de Mexico before departure, will result in a full refund.

Participants will be required to sign a standard waiver of liability before departure, which will also outline our responsibilities to you. You may download a copy of this HERE or it is reproduced below.

Participants will be required to fill out a medical form and give it to the wagon master in a sealed envelope with their name. This will only be opened in an emergency and will be returned to you after the caravan. All finances for trips must be handled direct with Caravanas de Mexico.


Waiver of liability

Text supplied to prospective clients upon request