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Updated Jan 20, 2019 for the Spring 2020 season.

Note: Please ensure you read the FAQ section to understand what the travel conditions of this trip will be. There is more detailed information on the web pages for each trip:

Yucatan --- Copper Canyon --- Copper Canyon & Colonial Cities

We allow 1 day grace, or a couple more at our discretion, in every instance.

It is up to the client to purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance if they wish. Considering most cancellations we receive are medically based, due to the demographics of our customer base, it can be advisable.

1) You can buy insurance from Travelguard on line. Please note for couples, split the trip cost in half and register both of you. You have 2 options, you may insure just the first deposit initially, then phone them and add on the next 2 payments as you make them (don't forget to do it). You will save money this way, just be aware that any pre-existing medical conditions are looked at each time you make another payment, whereas they are locked in if you cover the entire trip cost on enrollment. If they require a receipt other than that given by pay pal, let us know and we will issue one.

2) Since some payments are non-refundable we really advise taking out cancellation insurance for your trip. Here are 2 options

3) Since 100%, less initial deposit, is refundable up until 120 days, when the final payment is due, you may want to just risk the first deposit and then protect the balance at the 120 day point. We can issue you a single receipt for that amount at the 120 day point if you wish to do it that way. There may not be a lot of financial advanatge in that.

4) Note Airstream trips have different payment policies


For Americans: 1-800-826-5248



For Canadians: 1-866-878-0191




Refunds are based on what you have paid by the date of your cancellation, less any non refundable payments made. AFTER the 120 days before departure point ( = final payment due date), refunds will be the refund amount minus outstanding balance. In other words if you are entitled to a $2000 refund, but still owe $2000 or more, you will not receive a refund.

AIRSTREAM CARAVANS - IMPORTANT: Payment terms for the Airstream trip are stricter and different from the ones below and have been set in accordance with the WBCCI Club. This trip is contracted to us, and is not covered by our terms of service. The terms are set by them although we process payments. For that trip no payments are refundable, but they are transferable (except initial deposit which is not transferable either). See This trip usually has a wait list so that is likely to be able to happen. There will be an initial deposit, followed by two 50% payments. For this trip we advise purchasing cancellation insurance.


Initial deposit non-refundable unless we cancel. May be be transferred to another trip same season at our discretion. **
Over 120 days before departure 100% refund, less any non refundable payments made
Between 90 - 120 days before departure 60% refund, less any non refundable payments made
Between 30 - 90 days before departure 25% refund, less any non refundable payments made
Less than 30 days before departure 10% refund, less any non refundable payments made

** If no other trip vacancies are available in the same season we will consider allowing a deposit shift to the following season at our discretion

We allow, and in fact, encourage payment of up to 25% of the final payment at the border in cash. US funds only (unless we advise otherwise). This helps us with Wagon Master operating funds at the start of the trip. This may mean less penalty for you if you drop out during the last 120 days as well. (we can't force you pay money you haven't paid) We will let you know how much we will allow for each trip before requesting final payment at the 120 day before mark. We discount 3% on this amount.




If you have to leave the trip en-route for reasons beyond your control, we MAY refund any non pre-paid fees for items such as RV parks, hotels, etc. & some service fees at our discretion. However, this is what trip cancellation & interruption insurance is supposed to protect you against. You will not receive a refund for any deposits we have paid on your behalf.

Please note that in some cases we may be forced to alter the announced RV Park, due to circumstances beyond our control. This is rare and we will substitute the best alternative we can locate.

If for any reason you decide to leave the caravan to travel and stay on your own and do not re-join the caravan again, NO FEES ARE REFUNDABLE. There are instances where this may be done with the permission of the Wagon Master. In those instances you may rejoin the group later. If you leave against the instructions of the Wagon Master, you are on your own, with no monies refundable. In that case it will be up to the Wagon Master as to whether you may rejoin or not. Refusal to follow Wagon Master instructions is grounds for expulsion without compensation. Caravanas de Mexico is not responsible for the safety of a customer if they have left the caravan.

Cancellation of the trip by Caravanas de Mexico before departure, will result in a full refund.

We have been very generous in the past in refund policies. We allowed the initial deposit to be transferred to another trip the same season without penalty. That will NOT change. However, deposits can no longer be shifted ahead a season as we have done in the past. You may find someone on your own to take over your payments and substitute, but you have to arrange that yourself and then inform us. This is what cancellation insurance is for.

We have set the first payment dates and deposits for most trips for next season. They vary depending on trip, whether it is full or almost full, etc. Some trips are still in limbo as to whether they will run, so dates have not been fixed for those.


There is a first payment due on a date we set (usually April to July depending on the trip). This usually amounts to $2500 US or $3000 CDN. We will invoice you. This is refundable up until 120 days before departure. Final payments are due 120 days before departure and money paid (less the initial deposit) are refundable in the decreasing amounts outlined below.

Failure to pay before the due dates may result in losing your spot to someone on the wait list, if one is in place.

Cancellation by the client for any reason, will receive a refund of monies according to our refund criteria at the start of this page.

Initial deposit is not refundable. Subsequent payments may be transferable to another participant (wholly your responsibility to arrange). It may be transferable to another trip, the same season, at our discretion.

Any requests to opt out of tours must be made in writing 60 days before departure and emailed to [email protected] Opting out is at our discretion but we will consider it for tours that involve hotels for those that have pets (they do not wish to be left in care we arrange) or in some cases where extreme high altitudes are involved and a customer is on oxygen. Generally speaking, however, this is sold as a package.

Single discounts are $750 US for trips of over 31 days, $250 for short trips.


Amounts calculated in the currency you are paying with (US or Can)

Participants will be required to sign a standard waiver of liability before departure, which will also outline our responsibilities to you. You may download a copy of this HERE.

Participants will be required to fill out a medical form and give it to the wagon master in a sealed envelope with their name. This will only be opened in an emergency and will be returned to you after the caravan. All finances for trips must be handled direct with Caravanas de Mexico.


Trip Cancellation Insurance:

There are 2 banner links at the top of this page to a reputable company. There are others

You have to be careful as many companies will require you to purchase coverage within 48 hours or 7 days, or some other limitation period of paying the  deposit.

Trip cancellation is often cheaper when purchased in conjunction with Travel Medical Insurance.

A couple of other trip cancellation insurance web sites to check out




Waiver of liability

Text supplied to prospective clients upon request