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Jan 22, 2018 Copper Canyon

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This 30 day trip will run from Jan 22 to late Feb. This trip is now full and we are starting a wait list. The caravan will leave Nogales, making stops at San Carlos, Alamos, Huatabampito (beach), Copper Canyon, Teacapan (beach), Mazatlan & Durango. It includes a 4 day all inclusive train trip up to Copper Canyon with meals, tours & entertainment. This trip also features many other tours and meals. On this trip we will also transit the new Mazatlan-Durango superhighway by bus. This highway is an engineering marvel and one of the worlds most spectacular drives. This trip includes Hotels, Meals & Tours in Durango. You have the option to stay 5 extra weeks in Mazatlan at your own cost and come back with another of our wagon masters. This tour should overlap the Mazatlan Carnival this year. You can find more information on the dedicated web site for this trip at . Similar dates for next season.

Oct 15, 2018 Yucatan

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This caravan this season will be a Yucatan & Chiapas loop. It will be about 62 days long. Please note that Fall caravans can run longer if we have to avoid a late season Hurricane (It has not happened so far). In that event you simply pay for the extra RV park days. Departure date is scheduled for Oct 15, 2017 from Reynosa (Mission Texas), ending on Dec 16th in Nogales. It will actually be a smaller version of our Spring 2018 trip. It will include Zacetecas, Guanajuato, Mexico City, Oaxaca, the Yucatan coast and a lot of Chiapas. Some stops on Spring will be dropped for this one, due to time constraints. This trip will be structured to hit the Yucatan coast as late as possible (late November). This trip will concentrate on Archaeology with beach time as well. Same as with Spring. We are offering an option whereby you would travel with this caravan then spend 3 months on the beach in Melaque, Lo de Marcos or Mazatlan, coming north with our Spring caravan. That would exit you from Mexico in early to late March, making this a whole winter experience.




Jan 7, 2018 Yucatan

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There will be a Spring trip from Reynosa, (Mission, Texas) and exiting at Nogales or Laredo. This trip is now full and we are starting a wait list. ThThis trip will visit many Mayan Archaeological sites plus a few more stops than the Fall trip. These trips include the Monarch Butterfly reserve, not visited on our Fall trip. They will be a bit slower paced due to the extra time. This caravan will be 85 days in length and leave Jan 7th. We hope to have everyone out of Mexico by around April 2nd at the latest. Due to high demand, we are now planning to run this trip annually. The Jan 2019 trip is nearly already full with only one spot left as of Sept 30, 2017. Both the Fall & Spring trips are approximately 8400 Km or 5200 miles. A map of the planned route may be found at MAP. If there is enough interest, we may add Copper Canyon on as an add-on.