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logo April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse

Join us for an RV eclipse tour in 2024. At this time this is only an expression of interest. We will likely coincide a Copper Canyon trip to match this, and also add a non Copper Canyon option for those who have already done it. We will substitute some other stops. We will also time our 85 DAY Spring Yucatan loop to match this event in that year. We are thinking of entering this caravan into Mexico at Laredo in late March, doing tours of the Colonial cities of Zacetecas & Durango and then transiting the spectacular Durango-Mazatlan highway. A week on the beach in Teacapan & Mazatlan, then head north and offer either Copper Canyon or a few days on the beach in Huatabampito, a tour of Alamos, then across the border at Nogales around April 15th - April 18th


BTW clear skies are not guaranteed. The average probablity for Mazatlan on that date is about 60%. However we could shift everybody to Durango on 24 hours notice if it has a better chance at the time.