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Quick Question and Answers 

Is it safe to take an RV to Mexico?

This is the first question I hear. I understand why. The publicity about violence in Mexico is widespread and series like Narcos on Netflix do not help. The fact of the matter is that violence in Mexico is highly targeted, unlike the random violence that is endemic in the US. There is an average of one mass shooting a day in the US. If you are not safe at a country music concert in Vegas or in a Movie Theatre, I find it dificult to believe the fear of going to Mexico. In Mexico RV'ers are not a target group. That is not to say you cannot be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that is also the case in Canada & the USA. In July 2019, a couple in a camper van were murdered in northern BC, Canada for example, and there have been several others over the last several years. I have RVed in Mexico myself for 12 years, all winter long, and have never seen, nor experienced any incident. 

Are there RV Parks in Mexico?

Yes, quite a lot. They are not quite up to American standards, but most have power, water and dump facilites, usually in the indivual sites. Sometimes layout is wierd so take an extra long power cord & sewer hose. Many Parks have pools & WiFi. 

What size RV can I take to Mexico?

That depends on where you go. I saw a 45 ft Class A last year towing a 25 ft cargo trailer. He made it down to just north of Puerto Vallarta. If you stick to toll roads you can do that. Generally speaking however, smaller is better. I myself feel comfortable in a 30 - 35 ft motorhome or towing a 25 ft trailer of 34 ft 5th wheel. There are toll roads all over Mexico and you can plan your trip to utilize most of them. I would avoid free roads unless you already know what they are like or have a smaller rig. 

How expensive is fuel in Mexico?

In 2019/2020 it is about 50% more expensive than in the US. Hopefully it will come down with the introduction of competition in the country.

Is ULSD Diesel available in Mexico?

As of 2019, it is supposedly universal. It is not marked on most stations. DEF can be hard to find, it is sold in Autozones. 

Why are RV Caravans so expensive?

It is all relative. How much would you be spending at home or going on a camping trip in the US? Remember caravans (at least ours) include all RV park fees, a lot of meals and a lot of escorted tours. We strive for quality. Caravans supply a Wagon Master who knows where he is going and assist you in the paperwork involved to get your rig into Mexico

What is cell service like in Mexico?

Excellent. Telcel has the widest coverage and they offer cheap talk, test & data services. US companies like AT&T have packages that include Mexico and can be quite reasonable.

What are roads like in Mexico for an RV?

Toll roads are good, albiet pricey. The free roads can vary a lot. I would use a caravan for your first RV trip..

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