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logo Newsletter #2 Oct 4, 2018

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There is an unexpected vacancy open on the Airstream caravan in January. If interested, e-mail [email protected] More info at

Welcome to our newsletter page. We produce this approximately every 2-4 weeks. In each issue we will recap our seasons caravans, provide some useful information on RVing in Mexico and feature some articles and descriptions of interesting towns & destinations in Mexico. While we are obviously in the business of selling caravans, our newsletter is designed to also provide useful information to independent travelers. You may unsubscribe at any time, by going to this LINK


We welcome useful articles, descriptions of RV Parks by owners or others, and will publish and answer questions. Submit all of these to [email protected]

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1) Issue #1 PDF- On line permits, US border crossing warning for Canadians, Los Mochis storm report, Mexican border issues (with regards to crossing), safety concerns - MSWORD Version

2) Issue #2 PDF - Monarch Butteflies - Is Mexico Cheap? - Articles on Melaque & Airstream Caravan - update on Hwy 15D damage - entertainment radio & TV - MSWORD Version