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On line Permits

Note the website for this was reworked in early 2016 so the images below may be a bit different.

This is a 2 stage process for towed RV's, one stage process for cars & trucks & integrated RV's. You will apply on line, sending Banjercito scanned documents, then receive a permit by DHL along with (in the case of RV's) a sheet you have to sign, scan, and send back to them along with the documents a second time. The first set of screen shots is the application process for an RV permit, no tow cars or towing vehicles. Those are done further below.

Application Link: Vehicle Permits

You should not get an on-line permit if:

1) You are not going to be at a fixed address for the next 2 -3 weeks where you can receive a DHL delivery. If it does not arrive in a week call them, just in case they could not deliver it. You do not want them trying to return it. Please double check your address during the sign up procedure. If you are having it delivered to an address different from that on the registration, make that clear to them.

2) You do not live within a days drive of a Mexican border crossing, and there is chance you may cancel out at the last minute. I speak from experience when I say they are very tough to cancel by mail. The complex procedure to cancel by mail may be found on this website: Canceling a permit by mail.


For RV's (Casa Rodantes) - Regular vehicles are further down the page

What you need:

1) Scans of all your vehicle registrations plus those of trailers & licensed things like Scooters & ATV's. (pdf or .jpg form). You maybe should not scan registration or ownership papers for a Truck Camper, depending on how you decide to treat it (see section on Truck Campers below)

2) Sales receipts for any unlicensed vehicles (official looking, or they will reject them)

3) Scan of your main passport page

4) Access to a scanner to return a sheet they send you for signing (in the case of RV permits.)

5) A credit card


Tourist Card:

For those with tow cars or trucks towing 5th wheels or trailers, or those using case 1 or 3 for Truck Campers (see below), you will also be required to get a temporary INM on line as well, which will be exchanged for your tourist visa at the permit station. This does not apply for those registering RV's only..

The site is: . You must do this first !!! Remember this is not for RV permits


RV Types:

1) Truck camper, see below

2) Travel Trailer & 5th Wheel - You will need 2 permits - a 10 year RV and a 180 day one on the truck (deposit required on truck)

3) Class B's, C's & A's, including Earth Roamers- you will need a 10 year RV permit - no deposit

4) Class A's or C's towing cars - a 10 Year one on the RV and a 180 day one on the car (deposit required)

5) Cargo trailers, ATV's scooters. They will add these to the vehicle or RV permit, but any 10 year permit will become 180 day. Motorcycles over 250 CC's and ATV's over 350 CC's may require a separate vehicle permit, or may not. Try getting away without it first.


Truck Campers are a  special case:


There appears to be 3 ways to classify these, and despite several emails back & forth, Banjercito has not given me a satisfactory answer as to which one is correct. It is annoying as you never know which interpretation a cop may use if you are pulled over & questioned about it.


1) A truck carrying cargo - you permit the truck with a 180 day permit & ignore the camper.

2) An RV - get a 10 year permit using the trucks VIN number. If you plan to leave the camper on the truck this works OK. If you intend to unload it & drive the truck around you may be at some risk of getting in trouble. The example given below is for this scenario.

3) Get a 10 year permit on the camper only, plus a 180 on the truck. This is likeley the way they want you to do it, however if the camper is not licensed in your state it may be an issue. This because you will need the registration or original sales invoice for the camper. If you bought it second hand, a handwritten receipt will not be enough. I have used both method 1 & method 2.


In summary, obtaining permits at the border, I have generally been given option #1. They do not seem interested in the camper itself. I used option 2 last year on line, and will do the same this year and that is what is illustrated below. If you plan to remove the camper from the truck & drive around in the truck, this is probably not a good idea. I did last year but I never got pulled over. Best to leave it on, except for inside a campground if you want the TC lower to the ground. Chances are you would be Ok as the permit matches the VIN of the truck, but a sharp cop may notice that the truck is not technically an RV.  They just ignored the camper itself when I exited last year, and have every year.


You will notice there is a classification for truck campers in the RV form, and I had no problem selecting both that, and the motorized RV at the same time. I will receive a 180 day permit because I added the trailer & RV to the TIP.


If you plan to take the camper off & drive around a fair bit I would probably stick to option 1.

Banjercito e-mail:

Here is the link


RV Permit on a Truck Camper, towing a trailer containing an ATV

(using option 2 above)




Select English, then select Mobil home. Make a note of the email shown there [email protected]




On the next page fill in your name and hit next



Now enter your name address & passport info



Note: On the screen below, trailer refers to a cargo trailer if you are towing one behind a Motorhome, not a Travel Trailer or 5th wheel.  This is the permit for the RV only. You will see the same  fields in the vehicle permit section (For towing truck or towed cars) but once again it refers to a cargo or utility trailer and something like an ATV or dirt bike.


If your make does not show up, look for "Otros" (Other)



Even though I put 5 tools down below, I believe they are referring to power tools, like drills. You are technically only allowed one computer, I would not bother counting I-pads if you already have a laptop



Next screen. Check things over to ensure the info is correct.



Now they want your Visa info


Important!!! On the next page the "print receipt" button does not work,  so write the info down there before leaving the site !!!!!

This is the last page you will see, I would save it as a pdf or jpg and send it along with the scans of your registrations & passport, or reference the number shown there when you send in your scans..




Now send copies of all registrations, sales receipts and your passport front page to the email [email protected]


If you cannot send an image of the page above, then write down your info from it and add it into the email.


You should receive the permit within 7 days via DHL.

Onece youg et it, there is a form in with it that you have to sign and then scan & email it back to [email protected]. They also want you to resend your passport & vehicle registrations along with it again.


Below are the instructions, my permit & the sheet I have to sign & email back. Notice they want copies of the registrations & your passport with it again.






On my permit if you look carefully over at center right you will see my trailer (Remolque) on there plus the last 4 digits of the VIN of my ATV (0317)



The Regular vehicle Permit

In this example, the permit is for a Lexus SUV


The first step is to go to Here you will receive a temporary visa which must be exchanged for another when you enter Mexico. The link will take you to the page illustrated below. Simply fill it out.



You will get to the page below, print it out & scan it. Take note of the number on it.



Next, return to to go back to the application pages. The first page will tell you how much of a deposit you will have to pay.


This is the next page



On the next page they want you passport number plus the number of the document you obtained at the start of this process. Your INM.



Fill in your infomation on this page.


Fill out the vehicle info on this page (recreational vehicles refer to scooters, ATV's, motocycles, etc.)


Next they will try to sell you insurance, you can ignore it



Then they ask you to fill out survey of why you do not like their insurance.



OK on the next page you get a summary and have to accept the conditions, assuming the info is correct.



Now they want your credit card info


Now the summary, make note of the Reference number and attempt to print this page. Unlike in the RV permit section, the button works here.




Now send an email to [email protected] with the reference number above in the subject line. Attach the scans of the front page of your passport, the INM certificate you received at first and your vehicle registration. If you have done everything correctly you should receive your permit by DHL within a week. Take the temporary INM document with you to Mexico.


Here is the permit you should receive



Note: If you wish to receive your permit at address diferent than the one listed in the forms, make sure you tell them in the e-mail