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ULSD Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel availabilty


In March 2017, I obtained a listing of 3200 Pemex stations throughout Mexico that are currently selling ULSD Diesel. in nearly all cases there is no indication that this is what they are pumping, and i do not guarantee (Nor does Ted White) that the list is 100% accurate. Since it did come from Pemex itself, there is no reason to doubt it, in my opinion. Most of these stations are along main trucking corridors. As of December 2018, 100% of Pemex stations will be pumping ULSD.

Check back in August, I will be adding station numbers & co-ordinates to this page of ones I have identified so far along our caravan routes..

The list is in Excel format by State and Station number. There is an online map availble that identifies station numbers throughout Mexico and you should be able to x-reference along your planned route. The MS Word document is a description of some of the corridors and may be somewhat useful as well.


The link to the map is! Click the grey square on the left next to the "gasolineras" link


Here is the link to download the Excel File: ULSD LIST


Here is the MS Word file about corridors: ULSD Corridors


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